Storm Team

Special Team of Role Models

We Help Your Child Reach Their Leadership Potential!

Our STORM Team program places focus on leadership, which is the key to success in any profession. The purpose of this program is to help mold your child into the best leader possible by utilizing a variety of tools and resources. Through our program, your child will enjoy innovative and fun training where they will both learn and apply essential leadership skills, including: social interaction, emotional intelligence, transformational vocabulary, and more!

STORM Team Benchmarks

In order to be eligible, your child should demonstrate the potential to excel at the following qualities:

  • Consistency
  • Self-discipline
  • Attentiveness
  • Interaction
  • Resiliency
  • Respect
  • Sportsmanship
  • Initiative

The STORM Team Experience

The STORM Team membership includes: weekly hands-on training, monthly leadership workshops, and annual certification seminars. This complete leadership experience will help mold your child into the best leader possible. These skills will also carry over outside of the studio, where you will see your child make better choices at home and at school!

Weekly Hands-on Training

One of the main values to the STORM Team program is the opportunity to apply skills to actual leadership experiences. Your child will act as an assistant in classes by monitoring students, holding targets, and demonstrating activities. During these hands-on training classes, your child will gain insightful feedback from the STORM Team coaches to help them gradually improve their leadership abilities.

Monthly Workshops

The monthly workshops are both fun and interactive. Each workshop begins with a group discussion utilizing a planner on a specific leadership skill. The second portion of the workshop includes active learning utilizing leadership drills. Each meeting always ends with a collaborative team building game that puts an emphasis on “playing like a leader.”

Annual Certification Seminars

Our annual events include more in-depth leadership training as it applies to hands-on training in the studio. These events are essential for those STORM Team members that aspire to take on a more prominent role as an instructor. Topics covered in these events include: equipment and student management, stages of development training, and drill and classroom management.

Is Your Child Ready to Become a STORM Team Member?

If your child is consistent in attendance, demonstrates proper behavior in class, puts forth great effort in class, has a “B” average or higher in school, and is at the intermediate level or higher then he/ or she may be ready!

Here’s how to join the STORM Team program:

  • Get a STORM Team handbook and application at the front desk.
  • Read through the handbook and determine if the STORM Team is something your family is ready to commit to.
  • Fill out the application and submit it to your instructor.
  • Contact your instructor if you have any additional questions.

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