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Learn Valuable Self Defense Skills At Beach Cities Martial Arts

Our Self Defense classes at Beach Cities Martial Arts will teach you what you need to know to survive an attack from someone bigger and stronger than you. Even though the training deals with real life scenarios, we keep our classes fun and safe. Plus, you will make new friends while getting a good workout and learning valuable self-defense skills

Whether you face specific threats in your daily life or hope to sharpen your skills for security detail, we're here to keep you safe in an increasingly dangerous world.

Let Our Self Defense Classes Keep You Prepared For Any SituationKids Martial Arts Manhattan Beach

Scenarios covered in our Self Defense program include:

  • How to protect yourself against a WILD punch
  • What to do when someone sneaks up behind you
  • How to defend against a bear hug
  • What to do when someone puts you in a headlock
  • How to stay safe when your back is against the wall
  • What to do when you've been knocked to the ground
  • How to neutralize an aggressor when you land on top AND more!

PLUS Get Fit While You Learn

While the goal of our Self Defense classes is to equip you with the tools necessary to combat any real-world attack you may encounter, you can bet you'll get in shape fast after just a few classes.

Using high-energy repetition training, you'll burn hundreds of calories each session and build lean muscle that will boost your self-confidence and better prepare you for a conflict.

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