Game-Based Learning

martial art game based learning Manhattan Beach CaliforniaGames are not something new to the Martial Arts classroom. However, some people still very weary about seeing games in day-to-day classes, because they feel like games dilute the overall quality of the students’ Martial Arts skills. At the same time, children learn best by play, and therefore game-based learning is a major contributor to accelerated learning and retention.  Here is a list of benefits associated with game-based learning as it relates to children’s classes: 

  • Children are more MOTIVATED to start a game. 
  • Children FOCUS more during games than any other form of learning.  
  • Games help children BEHAVE better because they are more inclined to follow the rules of the game.  
  • Children put forth more EFFORT during games.  
  • Games are easier to tailor to age SPECIFIC training.  


As you can see, game-based learning has many benefits. At the same time, game-based learning can take a traditional class to a whole new level. This well-balanced concept will not only improve students’ skill and abilities, it is also makes learning AND teaching FUN!  

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