Upa buck and roll Jiu-jitsu in Manhattan Beach California

In a Couple on months, many students he heading or heading back to college campuses across the country. many female undergrads will explore their new surroundings, meet new friends — and may find their personal safety compromised at one point, whether at social events, inside dorm rooms or even just walking home at night from the library. We at Beach Cities Martial Arts would like to here is one of the best Self-Defense more for getting an attacker off of you the Upa


http://beachcitiesmartialarts.com  The 'Upa' (or 'Bridge and Roll') is probably the very first mount escape that every grappling beginner learns. It's taught as part of the basic curriculum for a very simple reason: it works! You see this escape in MMA, submission grappling, and BJJ competition and is extremely useful for Self-Defense.

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