The 2 most important aspects for a children’s martial arts instructors to be at the top of their game

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Today I would like to talk about the top two things your child’s martial arts instructor MUST have. I feel that these are the two most important aspects that allow children’s martial arts instructors to be at the top of their game. They will also allow instructors to coach children in a much more effective and efficient manner.

The first MUST have is: Knowledge of your child’s stage of development.
Our instructors here at BCMA utilize the internationally recognized SKILLZ program. This curriculum centers on its ability to target a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social stage of development. SKILLZ instructors put this information to use starting from the Pre-Evaluation that most of our students begin with. This helps our coaches understand how we can best work with your child and to recognize where their strengths and weaknesses lay.
This knowledge is also further disseminated into our drills and curriculum requirements in a manner that is most advantageous for each individual stage of development. This allows us to coach your ninja to become one of the few that are above the average stage of development for their age group. Sounds pretty cool, right?

The second MUST have is: Charisma & a Magnetic Personality.
Charisma is super important because we want our instructors to inspire our students to work harder and not just bark orders and commands. Having a magnetic personality also allows our instructors to build lasting relationships with our students and become positive role models in a world with many negative role models. Eventually, every student will make mistakes or bad decisions but our instructors are able to nurture this poor behavior with the knowledge we receive from SKILLZ and the relationships we build. This way, we can help them learn to make the correct decisions in a positive and uplifting manner.

You may have noticed that “impeccable martial arts technique” was not listed here. While solid martial arts foundations are important (and maybe #3) these are the top two qualities that will distinguish the good from the great.

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