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  • Fostering a Positive Growth Mindset

    Fostering a Positive Growth Mindset

    We all love to see our kids excel in everything they do. There is no doubt that when children finally nail their combination, or fly across the mat and break a board; everyone involved shares a sense of accomplishment. BUT it is only a matter of time before our little ninjas come across something that challenges them. Before we go any further, let’s agree that challenges are good things! If you are never challenged then either you aren’t working hard enough, or you’re not growing. Both of those are opposite concepts in relation to martial arts. From rank to rank, everything gets harder because being a Martial Artist is about growth and being better than you were ....

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  • GAME-BASED LEARNING The Benefits of Game-Based Learning for 10 to 14-year olds

    GAME-BASED LEARNING The Benefits of Game-Based Learning for 10 to 14-year olds

    Every day children are faced with increased amounts of pressure to work harder, learn more quickly, and manage their emotions. This is especially true for 10 to 14-year olds due to their intellectual growth during this period. However, this pressure is unhealthy for them and can lead to anxiety and depression. The premise of the game show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” tells us that children at this age are extremely smart. Along with that, their critical thinking skills are top-notch. The downfall to this age group’s intellect is that their decision-making skills are the exact opposite. Their physical abilities are also great but 10 to 14-year olds tend to be ....

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  • GAME-BASED LEARNING: The Benefits of Game-Based Learning for 7-9 year-olds

    GAME-BASED LEARNING: The Benefits of Game-Based Learning for 7-9 year-olds

    When we hear the word “learn” we often think of children sitting in a classroom, at a desk, with a teacher educating students on a particular subject. We rarely ever imagine playing a game as a teaching and learning tool. However, the benefits of utilizing this can span more developmental areas than learning about a single subject through lecture and worksheets. As O. Fred Donaldson said, “Children learn as they play. More importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.” Children between the ages of 7 and 9-years old are what most people consider “the golden age.” They are at a unique growth period in their life. They are proficient in their ....

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  • Supplementing Sports with Martial Arts

    Supplementing Sports with Martial Arts

    Imagine your child on the field running quicker than ever before, outmaneuvering all opponents, and having the confidence to overcome every obstacle! Today I’d like to talk about the benefits of supplementing youth sports with martial arts training! Before we can, we must overcome the first challenge standing between your child and the achievements listed above. Martial Arts instructors from around the nation often notice a trend revolving around youth sports. Children and Parents often jump the gun and switch from one sport to another, sometimes putting a hold or quitting martial arts training altogether. It is easy to see why: “Transportation is hard”, ....

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  • The 4 hidden benefits for martial arts!

    The 4 hidden benefits for martial arts!

    The Following Article was written by Melody Johnson (formally Shuman).Melody Shuman has over 25 years of experience in the Martial Arts. Melody earned her black belt in 1988 in New Orleans, and since then has achieved many accomplishments in her Martial Arts journey. Most know forthe development of her age-specific curriculums branded as SKILLZ. This is the very first of its kind and is getting a lot of attention for her systematic approach to skill-based Martial Arts training. Endorsed by some of the nation’s leading child psychologists, including the late Dr. Ruth Peter’s, Have you ever had that friend that asked “Why is your son/daughter in martial arts?” I am ....

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  • Mindful Tips to Use When Kids Don’t Want to Attend Class

    Mindful Tips to Use When Kids Don’t Want to Attend Class

    Melody Shuman Breaks It Down: Mindful Tips to Use When Kids Don’t Want to Attend Class
    Kids are not naturally self-motivated. When your child’s mindset is not in the right place, even the most fun activities can be a struggle to get to. With that said, here are some strategies to help you work around lack of motivation when trying to get your kid to class.
    Be attentive to what your child is doing in the moment he/she is supposed to get ready for class. If he/ she is playing or having fun with a friend, then be ready for a battle. With that said, have your child participate in a chore or task that’s not as much fun around 10 to 15-minutes prior to getting ready for ....

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  • Beach Cities Martial Arts Location

    Beach Cities Martial Arts is Located at 1807 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. We are a few doors down fromTrader Joes and right next to the Comic Bug comic book shop. ....

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  • Game-Based Learning by Master Melody Shuman

    Game-Based Learning by Master Melody Shuman

    Here's my Thought of the Week on Game-Based Learning... Games are not something new to the Martial Arts industry. However, some school owners and instructors are still very wary about incorporating games into their day-to-day classes, because they feel like games dilute the overall quality of the students’ Martial Arts skills. At the same time, children learn best by play, and therefore game-based learning is a major contributor to accelerated learning and retention. With the children’s martial arts market booming over the last 20 years, this concept is extremely valuable to many schools’ bottom lines. With that said, I will provide you with details on what ....

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  • 7 Steps to Enjoying your Thanksgiving without ruining your Diet

    7 Steps to Enjoying your Thanksgiving without ruining your Diet

    The holidays are a time to spend time with friends and family, enjoying each other’s company, catching up and giving thanks and eating lots and lots of delicious food. It can seem impossible for a combat athlete or fitness minded individual to maintain their eating regime. Temptations are everywhere and keep coming at you ALL day long. We can all remember a past Thanksgiving where we got so bloated and full it seemed to take days to get back in the swing of things Armed with these 7 Tips you will successfully navigate the holidays and still stay in shape. 1. Make a plan.
    You would never go into a fight, competition, or even a workout without a plan. Going into your holiday ....

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  • Discipline vs Punishment Master Melody Podcast

    Discipline vs Punishment Master Melody Podcast

    From Master Melody Breaks it down Podcast #14 You can listen to it on Buzzsprout here: 64686/475667-014-punishment- vs-discipline You can find it on iTunes here: Good behavior is a learning process for children, and we are their roadmap. Children usually behave per their own emotions and impulses. At the same time, being a parent is also a learning process and sometimes we rely on our own emotions and impulses to teach. Usually that means we divert directly to punishments when a child misbehaves, missing a crucial opportunity to teach them. With that said, I am going to break down how to teach good behavior ....

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